С такой милицией никаких преступников не надо

А вы говорите -- винтовки виноваты, ага.

Директор ЦРУ (ЦРУ, КАРЛ!) брякнул, что за пределами США нет сильных криптографических алгоритмов.

Хочется ткнуть директора в шифр ГОСТ 28147-89, которому уже 27 лет почти. Я в курсе, что это на самом деле переделанный DES, просто у него размер ключа криптоустойчивый, 256 бит, а не 56, как в DES.

С математикой в Советском Союзе всё всегда было в порядке.

Вы всё ещё удивляетесь, что теракты 11 сентября состоялись? Я уже давно нет.

Originally posted by bruce_schneier at CIA Director John Brennan Pretends Foreign Cryptography Doesn't Exist


Last week, CIA director John Brennan told a Senate committee that there wasn't any strong cryptography outside of the US.

CIA director John Brennan told US senators they shouldn't worry about mandatory encryption backdoors hurting American businesses.

And that's because, according to Brennan, there's no one else for people to turn to: if they don't want to use US-based technology because it's been forced to use weakened cryptography, they'll be out of luck because non-American solutions are simply "theoretical."

Here's the quote:

"US companies dominate the international market as far as encryption technologies that are available through these various apps, and I think we will continue to dominate them," Brennan said.

"So although you are right that there's the theoretical ability of foreign companies to have those encryption capabilities available to others, I do believe that this country and its private sector are integral to addressing these issues."

Is he actually lying there? I suppose it is possible that he's simply that ignorant. Strong foreign cryptography hasn't been "theoretical" for decades. And earlier this year, I released a survey of foreign cryptography products, listing 546 non-theoretical products from 54 countries outside the US.

I know Sen. Wyden knows about my survey. I hope he asks Brennan about it.

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